Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun Shopping for Smaller Sized Clothes

Well, I have had several friends tell me I should start a blog so I am doing this upon request and I figure it will be good for me as well.  Since January 2010, I have lost 45 lbs.  I still have a ways to go but am feeling really good!  I have been following Leslie Sansone DVD's.  She is a walking guru! :)  Well, mine anyhow.  She is so uplifting and cheerful and a joy to walk with.  Her walking is MUCH more than just walking.  She incorporates knee lifts, side to side, kicks, and a bunch of other fun stuff to make it not so boring!  I went shopping to a store today for a change, instead of E-Bay.  I actually felt good this time looking for clothes and not feeling depressed.  I was able to find a coupon online to help out with the cost.  I found a Valentine's t-shirt, a matching cotton cami & sweater (purple), and a black shrug.  I've never been able to see myself in a shrug before but it actually looks pretty good.  I did try on a pair of jeans that were too small but I didn't let that get me down.  It was fun pulling things off the rack and saying rather loudly to Jane, "Oh, don't you think I would just swim in this?" or "Don't you think this is too big for me now?" I would prefer not to divulge how much I weight at this time but when I'm not so conscientious, I will.  Well, I will stop for now as I could go on and on, and we wouldn't want that! *lol*